About Us

Bark No Evil evolved from Greg Oberman’s life long passion and involvement with dogs.

Like most in the industry Greg’s first experience with canines came from early childhood and grew into a lifetime of learning about them and how to best get along with them in our homes.

The name, Bark No Evil itself is rooted in those three cute monkey’s Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and See No Evil.  With our techniques your pack will be barking no evil, seeing no evil and hearing no evil!  Greg’s alter ego Mr. Stay is always there for help and encouragement.

Philosophy: BNE recognizes that every dog is different and likewise an owners needs are diverse.  Because of the individual nature of each pack we work with we avail ourselves to all possible training methods maintaining one strict code: if the animal is in pain or hurting it is NOT learning.

Goal: Our belief is that dogs are better in homes than in shelters or left stray.  Therefore our goal is to help our clients achieve the pack they desire. We not only provide the basics to obedience, but also lay the foundation for a lifetime of happy memories for you and your dog.

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