Private Training and Behavior Modification

If you are having problems with raising your new puppy and the vet says puppy is too young still for class, a single private session to deal with puppy issues may be the way to go.  Housebreaking (potty training), grooming, chewing, biting, jumping up…etc usually can be handled in a single in-home session for a young pup and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Initial Consultation – free of charge

BNE is available for an initial evaluation of your dog.  Schedule your free evaluation at our Encino location CLICK HERE

BNE is also available to come to your home to make training recommendations.  Please click here to call or send us a request by email.  We service most of Los Angeles but check HERE for a map of our service areas.  We may be available to come to your location even if is outside our service area for an additional fee.

Single Session –  $95 and Packages starting from $300.

Classes are held at our convenient Encino location. (at home training available by appointment. Contact us for more information)

Puppy Classs:      6 sessions – Puppy Classes degins 1st Saturday of each month

Young Adult        6 sessions – Tuesday/Wed evenings at Encino location

Senior Dogs         6 sessions  – Monday/ Thursday

If you are experiencing problem behavior with an adult dog such as escaping, digging, chewing, excessive fear, fear biting, food guarding, toy guarding, separation anxiety, or issues handling multiple dogs or dog to dog aggression, we can help you with that privately.

In many cases we can help you in a single session (about 1.5 to 2 hours) followed by group training.  If we feel you would need multiple training sessions we can give you an estimate of how many sessions we think it will take based on our experience with other dogs that have had similar issues.

If we can’t help you in a single session, we may suggest a training package for better value.  You may choose a four, six or ten session package.  And remember, our 6 and 10 session obedience packages include “Forever Training”…that means free beginning group class for life!  ($300-800 per package) If you come to us, we will deduct $20 off of each of your sessions.

One last option, I can come to you daily and train your dog for 5 weeks, this includes once a day with you and your family, and 4 sessions with your dog per week, I only do this for people within 10 miles of my place in Encino.  The cost for this is $1550.00.  now you don’t even have to do the practicing, just follow the maintenance instructions I leave you!  Call to set up the first session.

On Board Training

On Board Training for owners who just don’t have time to train but can’t wait to work with me weekly and practice what I teach your dog!  Or owners off on a lengthy trip regular boarding is available for select clients only.  On Board Training packages range from two weeks for $1250.00, up to a complete 5-6 week package at $2250.00. If you would like to pay by pay pal for boarding and training call us to arrange for boarding and we can invoice you, otherwise you can pay by cash or check at our initial meeting.

Walking & Day Dogcare

Individual Dog Walks


  • $20.00 For 30 Minute Visit With Walk On Weekdays / $25.00 Weekends
  • $25.00 For 45 Minute Visit With Walk On Weekdays / $30.00 Weekends
  • $30.00 For 60 Minute Visit With Walk On Weekdays / $35.00 Weekends
  • $50 Doggie Daycare: additional $20 for pick-up drop off (more if outside a 10 mile radius of our location), 8 hours of care at our site in Encino includes walks and playtime.  Additional Charges apply for extended care
  • Extended Care: $10 for each 15 minutes of unplanned tardiness $15 if it occurs at drop off location…time is rounded up at the 8th minute.


Included in each Visit:

  1. Undivided Attention For Your Dog(s) & ONLY Your Dog(s)
  2. A Walk Around Your Local Neighborhood
  3. Playtime and scratching/massaging
  4. Guidance to influence good behavior
  5. Administration of medications (including shots) & Feedings
  6. Bring in mail or newspaper
  7. Phone call, text, email or note left behind after visits
  8. Special Needs, Elderly animals, & Large Dogs WELCOME
  9. Plenty of love and positive reinforcement provided at no extra charge!

 Additional charges of $5/dog for each additional dog in household…4th dog is $10. 

Preferred Payment options:

PayPal payments – use your debt or credit card securely ( will invoice you via, or Cash. 

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