Trainers Secrets

Problem Behavior Tips


First know that jumping is a self-rewarding behavior for the dog.  It really enjoys jumping; the attention gained and if you ever notice during play with other dogs they will jump even to the point of knocking one another over. With puppies it often seems great when they are small and greet us, so be mindful to not inadvertently create this behavior.  At 20 lbs it is cute, but at 50+ it is a burden and even dangerous for children and elderly. We need them to know that it is not appropriate or ok to jump on people.

When dealing with jumping always remain calm, keep your hands to the side of your body, and have treats ready for rewarding good behavior.

Tip 1:

Using your drill sergeant voice when the dog jumps on you once say, “OFF!” and turn your body to the side so the dog must fall off.  Do not say “Down” as this is another command (if your down command is a different word than this does not apply).

When the dog is on all fours give it the “sit” command and praise.

Tip 2:

Some dogs will be more persistent than others.   You may need to say ‘Off” in the authoritative voice and then turn completely away.  The dog wants your attention and is most likely use to receiving it when jumping.  We are changing that expectation.  The dog will wonder, “where did you go?”  If they follow you ( we want this as long as they are on all fours) and turn to you and stay on all fours praise…if however they jump again repeat the ‘Off” and turn away.

Be careful to remain calm and not make a game of it.  If on the third turn the jumping has not stopped, say, “OFF” once more and leave the room or return inside without the dog.  Return and try again in two minutes.

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